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The CorgiCam Wiki[edit source]

This wiki contains information about Corgi, and his friends, community, and lore about Corgi's fictional universe. This wiki is contributed by the community.

All information contained in this wiki is about characters, not real-life persons. Some characters may be owned or be a representation of a person. Written permission must be obtained from each character's owner before information about them may be posted on this wiki.

What this wiki is for[edit source]

  • Lore about Corgicam, his stream, characters, backstories
  • Memes, events, art, historical moments and records of things that happened on stream
  • Information about Corgi's friends and community members that are related to Corgi

What this wiki is not[edit source]

  • Real-life information about Corgi, his friends, community members, or anyone else.
  • Writing, information, and art, about people or characters that are not related to Corgi

Content Rules[edit source]

Do's[edit source]

  • Keep the content positive and respectful
  • All media (images, audio, video) must credit the original author.
    • For art, the credit should link directly to author's posting of the art piece. If such a link is not available, it should link to the author's social profile, as well as the post where the specific piece of art is released.
    • For clips of Corgi himself, a link to the twitch clip is preferred.
    • This wiki should not be the only place where a piece of art is released.
    • The only exception is if the source contains prohibited content (see below). In this case, the author's name must be provided without links to the content.

Don'ts[edit source]

The following types of content are prohibited throughout this wiki:

NSFW content
  • Sexually explicit content of any kind, regardless of media (writing, image, audio, video, etc).
  • Content with censored components that imply or can be interpreted to imply sexually explicit acts, regardless of whether the underlying content was sexual in nature or not
  • Links to external websites or social profiles that provide NSFW content as their main purpose. If a piece of content must be credited to a source or author that is NSFW in nature, the credit should be given with the author's name, a warning that their content may violate this wiki's rules, and without a link to the profile.
Hateful and discriminatory behavior of any kind
Harassment, threats, encouraging harm, slurs, hounding
Disclosure of real-life personal information
Any content that reveals the identity, location, contact method, or other information about a person
Content vandalism and trolling
  • Vandalism includes: arbitrary deletions of content without reason or discussion
  • Repeated addition of low-quality content or prohibited content
Pages about topics with no relation to CorgiCam.
  • This includes content about another streamer's content that does not relate to Corgi. For example, it is acceptable to create a page about a streamer or community member in relation to Corgi. It is not acceptable to create a page about lore or stories from the other community.
  • Real-world topics are acceptable as a individual page only if they have direct significance to Corgi's stream or community. Do not create pages about random topics.
Specific controversial or potentially harmful topics
  • Drugs and drug use
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Self-harm
Advertising or solicitation of any kind
  • All art and links to artists must be provided directly in a context related to content in the wiki.
  • Content asking the reader to take any action, regardless whether it is monetary. For example: like, follow, subscribe, commission, tip, donate, etc are considered advertising and is not allowed.

Getting in touch[edit source]

The talk pages on this wiki should only be used to publicly discuss content changes on each specific page. These pages may not always be monitored, even by the page's author.

If you would like to get to know the community, chat with us, or report a moderation issue, follow Corgi on his socials and join our community!